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National Council For Vocational Training, Directorate General of Employment Training, Testing Centre for NCVT Certification, Computer on Office Automation Course, Certificate Issued by Directorate of Technical Education Government of Tamil Nadu, Type Writing Institution, IEEE Projects, Spoken Classes Available, Corporate Training, Online Examination, Placement, NCVT Testing, Languages Classes Available.

Course Description:The course explores the latest tools and techniques of the software package covering all draw commands and options, editing, dimensioning, hatching, and plotting techniques available with AutoCAD Training.The textbook, helps in advancing the frontiers of the software, takes the user across a wide spectrum of engineering solutions through progressive examples, comprehensive illustrations, and detailed exercises, thereby making it an ideal solution for both the novice and the advanced user.
An effective introduction detailing the tools and commands
Effectively communicates the utility of AutoCAD commands, toolbars, and shortcut menus.
Examples focusing on industry experience.
Step-by-step examples that guide the user through the learning process.
Autocad Courses
Introduction to CAD Industry
Drawing Settings
Orthographic Drawings
Isometric Drawings
Perspective Drawings
Editing the drawings
Annotations and Dimensions
Layer management
Project Planning and Management: An Overview
Selection Methods
Creating and Updating Repeated Elements
Parametric Drawings
Preparing Joinery Details /BOM
Presenting the Project
Working with a team
Layout Management
Scale setting and Plotting
Import and Export

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