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National Council For Vocational Training, Directorate General of Employment Training, Testing Centre for NCVT Certification, Computer on Office Automation Course, Certificate Issued by Directorate of Technical Education Government of Tamil Nadu, Type Writing Institution, IEEE Projects, Spoken Classes Available, Corporate Training, Online Examination, Placement, NCVT Testing, Languages Classes Available.

Venus Computer Educational Institution is a registered and nationally reputed Computer Training Institute in Madurai for imparting training for IT students under Skill Development Initiative Scheme. This is ISO 9001:2008 certified Institute and recognized �Vocational Training Provider� of Director General of Employment & Training, Government of India. Our education will compete with the modifying technology. more..<...p>

Venus Education Academy is an Educational Training Institute for students and profession in the field of Information Technology. To empower their knowledge and keep them up-to-date with their field and work faster & smarter. [website designing course, web designing course, web hosting, course, seo course, search engine optimizer, search engine optimizing, computer training institute, computer educational institution, software development, project development] The Passion in Information Technology took a major part in our life from personal computer to the latest smart phones & tablet. so to cope up with there fastly growing technology, Human need to make their memory upgradable Faster. more...

Indeed basics are the typical things that are needed to be learnt for doing a mammoth task in ease and fast. Modern world expects an employee who has the proficiency to work on a computer with ease and faster. An employee is hauled back by other employees, who have done typewriting courses. Being old, it still continues to be an essential aspect in the field of computer. more...

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