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Microsoft Access 2007

If you need to learn to perform at least the basic operations of Microsoft Access 2007 as part of your day-to-day responsibilities, you should start with this class. You will learn how valuable a relational database program can be in many business applications. You learn to:

• Examine database concepts
• Describe the relational database design process
• Create a new database
• Work with subdatasheets
• Perform calculations on a record grouping
• Create a form
• Create a report

Microsoft Excel 2007

In this class, you will learn how to create, edit, format, and print basic worksheets in Microsoft Excel 2007 that include absolute and relative formulas. You'll also learn how to format cells and cell ranges, control pages, work with multiple sheets, and even create charts with professional flair. You will learn to:

• Work with the user interface and the ribbon
• Create basic formulas
• Manipulate data
• Apply cell styles
• Set print options
• Manage the View of Large Worksheets

Microsoft Word 2007

Learn the basic skills necessary to create simple Word 2007 documents in this compact, hands-on course. You will learn to:

• Customize the word environment
• Insert, delete, or rearrange text
• Change font appearancebr /> • Control paragraph layout
• Format a table
• Add watermarks
• Check spelling, grammar and word count

Microsoft Powerpoint 2007

This is the next logical step if you work with PowerPoint 2007 and want to learn more tips and tricks to make this great presentation program work even more effectively for you. Topics include:

• Working with the slide master
• Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
• Customize Slide Layouts
• Keyboard shortcuts for everyday commands in PowerPoint
• Adding Special Effects to Presentations
• Set Up a Custom Show
• Publish Slides to a Slide Library
• Ungrouping and recoloring clip art images
• Package a Presentation
• Working with images—how to compress, crop, and adjust contrast
• Techniques to reduce file size of presentations
• Working with the format painter
• Comparing and merging presentations
• Fine-tuning organization charts, autoshapes, and WordArt objects

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