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Course Description: A bill of materials (sometimes bill of material or BOM) is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product.
To k now more about bill of material theoretically go here.
In simple a bill of material is the pre defined list of raw material required for manufacturing finish goods.
Remember this lesson is first step of creating manufacturing journal or manufacturing transaction in tally.

1) What is Book Keeping?
2) What is an Account?
3) What is Double -Entry System of Book Keeping?
4) Explain the term transaction
5) What is journal entry?
6) What is Contra Entry?
7) What is Journal Voucher?
8) Explain the word Liability
9) Explain the word asset s
10) Books of Accounts
11) Definition of Indirect Exp / Indirect Income
12) Definition of Direct Exp / Direct Income
13) What is debit?
14) What is credit?
15) Difference between Journal voucher / Journal entry
1) Golden rules of Accounting
1) Accounting Software
2) Why use Tally to maintain Account
3) Advantage over manual Accounting
1) Creation of Company / Accounts only? Accounts with Inventory
2) Alt the company
3) Creation of password / security
4) Opening the company making it active
5) Creating ledger A/c.
6) Altering individual ledger a/c
7) Viewing / Altering multiple ledger on screen
8) Inventory creation / Altering stock group /stock items
1) Entering Voucher
2) Payment voucher / Receipt Voucher / Contra voucher / Journal voucher
3) Purchase voucher / Sales voucher / Purchase return / Sales Return
4) Purchase Order / Sales order / Stock Journal voucher / physical
5) Stock voucher / Rejection out voucher / Rejection In voucher
1) Easy Access to the various Books of Account
2) Cash Book / Bank Book / Purchase Book / sales Book /
3) Journal voucher book / Debit Note book / Credit Note Book
4) Day Book / Ledger Book
1) Automatic Creation of Financial Accounting Statement
2) Trial Balance
3) Trading A/c
4) Profit & Loss A/c
5) Balance Sheet
6) Stock Summary
7) Ratio Analysis
1) Printing various Book of Account
2) Printing all Financial Statement

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